IO1 Training ethical entrepreneurship and leadership

The training Ethical entrepreneurship and leadership is a collection of lessons to equip students with skills and competences to make value-based decisions. The lessons are based on moral and ethical dilemmas and choices and they are presented in a case-based form. The lessons connect information, emotions and values that entrepreneurs and businesses apply in their process. Students start to familiarise with different dilemma’s and cases, which lead to new choices, services and even business cases. This learning process is supported by a dialogue with stakeholders.

IO2 Trainers’ guide

The second IO is a guide for trainers and teachers, in order to support the design, implementation, evaluation and validation of ethical entrepreneurial learning. Trainers’ guide is addressed to VET teachers, on how to implement ethical entrepreneurial learning in collaboration with businesses in the curricula and to equip them with the right theoretical background as well as practical methods on how to implement ethical entrepreneurial teaching. Trainers’ guide includes theoretical foundation of ethical entrepreneurial competences and practical examples of business ethics.

Available Guides to Download:

IO3 Quick scan Manual

The Quick Scan manual focuses on a connecting action between students, entrepreneurs and staff. In order to involve businesses in Value and Future objectives and activities, a series of company visits and interviews are planned in the first two years of the project. The aim of the conversations is to seek practices and best practices, and to map the present mind-set of representatives of business life around partners institutes.

This takes place in relation to business ethics and values. The exchange and visits bring about stories, visions, dilemmas, solutions, and above all: role models. Role models are people that are searched for and selected by the students themselves, based on their conversations. The role models are then asked to play a further role in the project activities (IO4 Future Days and IO5 Inspiration platform).

Available Manuals to Download:

IO4 Future days

IO4 Future Days is an output involving dialogue events of students, teachers and entrepreneurs. The series of events support the learning activities of IO1 Training ethical entrepreneurship and leadership, and IO2 Trainers’ guide. The events make use of the network of role models that is created by IO3 Quick Scan. The events offer students and teachers the possibility to connect with entrepreneurs and staff of businesses and to engage in discussions about moral and ethical dilemmas. This output is a source of practical input, cases and situations that students can apply to develop their ethical entrepreneurial mind-set.

IO5 Inspiration platform

The inspiration platform is an Open Education Resource that collects tools, learning methods, interviews, stories, presentations, films and opportunities to exchange. The platform offers the possibility to host online events that partners use to offer inspirational talks across borders. The platform also connects students and teachers of partners to exchange their experiences on ethical entrepreneurship and leadership.

Erasmus+ co-funding

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