Inspiration Platform

The aim of the Inspiration Platform is to promote ethical entrepreneurial thinking and skills among young VET students and teachers and to introduce them to good practices followed by existing companies in partner countries.

The Platform hosts practical examples and other materials to provide theoretical knowledge on ethical entrepreneurship to students and teachers.

Here are included real interviews with entrepreneurs from partner countries, where they tell their stories and give advice to young people on how to apply business ethics and how it has helped them to develop and run their business.

In this way, students can see with their own eyes the results of ethical entrepreneurship.

Escola Pia – 1st Short Film

Escola Pia – 2nd Short Film
Escola Pia – 3rd Short Film
Friesland College – 1st Short Film

Friesland College – 2nd Short Film
Friesland College – 3rd Short Film
MUAS – 1st Short Film
MUAS – 2nd Short Film
MUAS – 3rd Short Film
IDEC – 1st Short Film
IDEC – 2nd Short Film
Kauno Statybos Ir Paslaugų Mokymo Centras – 1st Short Film
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University of Nicosia – 1st short film

University of Nicosia – 2nd short film

University of Nicosia – 3rd short film

Erasmus+ co-funding

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