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What is ethical ethical entrepreneurial thinking? Which skills are required by the future entrepreneurs? Explore our platform, watch our interviews with entrepreneurs from different countries sharing their experience and practice your skills with our case studies!

“In any organization there has to be a committee (that deals with harassment) that is very regulated.”

– Mayoress of Argentona
“I find it very important that they (the staff) are a community, we try to create a family.”

– Baukje de Vries
“Think about ethics before you start operating (a business). Correct principles always give good results and lead to success.”

– Mokymo Centras Co-funder
“People has to understand their industry ethics to set their values high.”

– Marina Patsalos
“It is very important to be taught about ethical dilemmas and how to confront them”

– Stavroula Nikolaou
“With 20% of effort, reach 80% of result. Do not lose track of where you come from, youre grounding”

– Reinhard Quernheim
“When you have a vision, implement that vision. Dont do anything that you cannot unite with your ethical and moral values.”

– Alica and Kathrin

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The platform hosts practical examples and other materials to provide theoretical knowledge on ethical entrepreneurship to students and teachers.


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Bunch of ethical dilemmas to test yourself
and see how ethical your way of thinking is

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  • Friesland College – 3rd Short Film

  • MUAS – 1st Short Film

  • Escola Pia – 3rd Short Film

  • Friesland College – 1st Short Film

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