who are the role models?

  • A role model is not someone who walks ahead of us to show us how they did it. A role model walks alongside us to show us what we can do.

  • Inspire each other to be the best


To raise awareness and empower young people towards ethical entrepreneurship and leadership, inspired by role models.


There is a growing attention for business ethics in the world and at the same time, there is a lack of education of ethical entrepreneurship within VET schools in Europe.


The project sets the ambition to develop the skills and mind-set of young people as an educational method, based on values and empathy instead of only on profit or professional protocols. The project encourages students of VET to actively seek the purpose for their own entrepreneurial future and to recognise the ethical choices that enterprises showcase around them, through a set of activities and lessons supported by teachers and entrepreneurs.


  • VET students learn about ethical dilemmas in enterprises in relation to ethical behaviour.

  • They learn to ask critical questions and they search for positive role models.

  • Students engage in conversations with enterprises to define values, ethics and authenticity, and the difference businesses can make in society.

  • Students learn through a dialogue with entrepreneurs about their business practises and learn about the best ethical behaviours.


  1. Developing a new educational methodology in ethical entrepreneurship education within VET partners.

  2. Enabling students to become drivers of change in a fair, value driven economy and society.

  3. Establishing new connections between VET schools and businesses in partner countries, with the aim to promote a fair, value-driven economy and society.

  4. Building a solid mindset of ethical entrepreneurship in students.

Erasmus+ co-funding

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