The results are based on producing five intellectual outputs and their activities:

  • Training method / curriculum in VET education for the development of ethical and value-driven entrepreneurship.
  • Collaboration of VET and regional businesses to identify role models and best practices of entrepreneurs and businesses, based on value and added value.
  • Innovative events that facilitate student – teacher – entrepreneur exchange, leading to identifying moral dilemmas and innovative solutions – Implementing pilot activities in partner countries with the main focus on ethical entrepreneurial development.
  • An online inspiration platform where entrepreneurs can share their business experiences

Other results that are expected for the project on different target groups:


Project activities will lead to increased competences and a change in mind-set among participating students. Through project activities, a total of 900 students will actively learn and develop their ethical entrepreneurial skills and competences. They participate in the training of ethical entrepreneurship, in the focus groups, quick scan interviews, future days, ET-talks and online European exchange.


Due to targeted activities of students applying the quick scan and due to participating in the Future Days, entrepreneurs will be active with ethical and moral dilemmas in relation to their own business. The conversations and events will lead to a higher sense of responsibility and increased awareness of ethical framework at the heart of enterprises.

Teachers and trainers

Capacity building of VET teachers and trainers in the field of entrepreneurial teaching will take place due to the uptake of a new educational method. A total of 90 teachers will further develop their capacity in relation to ethical entrepreneurial teaching and training. About 460 entrepreneurs and other stakeholders participate in the events (Future Days, online exchange and multiplier events) offered by the project.

Ethical Dilemmas

An ethical dilemma involves a situation that makes a person question what the ‘right’ thing to do is. Ethical dilemmas make individuals think about their obligations, duties or responsibilities

Ethical Entrepreneurship

Ethical Entrepreneurship is a concept that drives a holistic development of the entire business ecosystem, not just one’s own business. It is about adopting ethical business practices to help drive positive change in the business ecosystem, thereby increasing the entrepreneur’s chances for greater success.

Erasmus+ co-funding

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